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♫ Music: Victizzle - Inner Ninja (Feat Classified & David Myles) #FeelGoodMusic

"Ladies I don’t wanna see you doing twerks, I just wanna see you in the mercs"

I did a cover to this song because I wanted to inspire people to see the greatness in themselves. Growing up I struggled with insecurites. Pretty much hated my entire being, but my years with God gave me love, confidence, acceptance and eventually I began to Feel Good about myself. I know that there are many out there that are going through or have been through the same thing. So here’s a song to help you feel good about who you are. Download it now for FREE at
Full Remixtape will be available April 25th #FeelGoodMusic (at

♫ Music: Victizzle - Happy Remix (Feat Pharrell Williams)

Feel Good Music: The Remixtape.
My first ever mixtape compiled of music that I love listening to. Through this remixtape I wanted to share with you the kind of music that I love that makes me feel good, hence the title of the project. This Pharrell song was the final song I added to the project and although it didn’t fit with the overall sound of the project, I just had to add it to the tracklist because the song just made me feel good lol My dream is to make music that simply makes people feel better about themselves and gives them hope in life. Head over to to download the full version of this song for FREE. The full mixtape will be out April 25th. Hope this song makes you feel good 😁 (at

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